Zendesk vs Intercom: Which Solution to Choose in 2024?

Zendesk Vs HubSpot 2024 Comparison

intercom versus zendesk

It has a very intuitive design that goes far beyond its platform and into its articles, product guides, and even its illustrations. Users also point out that it can take a couple of hours to get used to the flow of tickets, which doesn’t happen in CRM, and they aren’t pleased with the product’s downtime. Although Zendesk isn’t hard to use, it’s not a perfectly smooth experience either. Users report feeling as though the interface is outdated and cluttered and complain about how long it takes to set up new features and customize existing ones. After signing up and creating your account, you can start filling in your information, such as your company name and branding and your agents’ profiles and information. The setup can be so complex that there are tutorials by third parties to teach new users how to do it right.

intercom versus zendesk

Unlike Zendesk, the prices for Intercom are based on the number of seats and contacts, with each plan tailored to each customer, meaning that the pricing can be quite flexible. This is especially helpful for smaller businesses that may not need a lot of features. Zendesk offers a free 30-day trial, after which customers will need to upgrade to one of their paid plans.

Zendesk vs. Intercom: Collaboration Tools

We hope this list has provided you with a better grasp of each platform and its features. Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and the optimal platform for you will be determined by your individual demands. Many use cases call for different approaches, and Zendesk and Intercom are but two software solutions for each case. Visit either of their app marketplaces and look up the Intercom Zendesk integration. Like with many other apps, Zapier seems to be the best and most simple way to connect Intercom to Zendesk. The Zendesk marketplace is also where you can get a lot of great add-ons.

Actiondesk is a spreadsheet tool that works with live data - TechCrunch

Actiondesk is a spreadsheet tool that works with live data.

Posted: Tue, 24 May 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Its self-service platform lets you automate workflows, measure success metrics, and manage SLAs, which allows you to stay on top of your customer support strategy. FreshDesk also has an AI-powered support chatbot with predictive support capabilities and a service field management platform. Intercom’s live chat widget is modern, smooth, and loaded with advanced features that make them one of the best messaging platforms in the industry. It is also highly customizable, so you can match the look to the style of your brand, product, or website.

Pricing: Zendesk vs Intercom

Zendesk is a customer service platform that allows you to communicate with customers via any channel. Personalized messaging, in-app messaging, product tours, and chatbot capabilities intercom versus zendesk set Intercom apart from Zendesk. You can contact the sales team if you’re just looking around, but you will not receive decent customer support unless you buy their service.

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