The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Paystub Abbreviations

pay stubs meaning

Luckily, I’m here to help you understand what all those numbers and abbreviations mean, and I’ll show you how to read your Canadian pay stub. Payroll codes are usually used by employers to classify different payment types. Some of them are earning codes, tax codes, deduction codes, leave codes, and miscellaneous codes. It is important to check your pay stub regularly to ensure that all deductions are being made correctly. In the video below, Gusto walks through a sample pay stub, and explains what pay stubs are used for. There are websites you can visit to calculate the deductions that will be withheld from your pay to estimate the amount of take-home pay in your paycheck.

  • Pay stub templates are the cheapest option but the most error-prone.
  • Employees can receive a physical document handed to them in person or via post.
  • That means you’ll find your pay period length, whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
  • This could be due to a job change or the birth of a child, for instance.

Pay period and year-to-date

Keeping your pay stubs throughout the year will not only give you a good idea of where you’re at financially but may be needed to help verify your income if you’re looking to apply for loans. More detailed definitions can be found in accounting textbooks or from an accounting professional. Xero does not provide accounting, tax, business or legal advice. Employers have to provide a way for their employees to access their pay information.

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pay stubs meaning

Different states have different requirements for employees’ pay stubs. By reviewing their pay stubs, employees can make sure they were paid correctly and understand their deductions. State tax rates vary significantly from state to state; some states, like Florida and Texas, don’t have a state income tax. If you need to pay state income taxes, they are calculated in much the same way as federal income taxes. On the other hand, access states like Ohio and Texas require employers to provide a pay stub that are either electronic or paper.

What Is A Pay Stub & What Should It Include?

Keep in mind, federal and state regulations often change rules regarding pre-tax deductions. Pre-tax deductions are deductions that reduce your taxable income. They are deductions that are taken out from your income before the tax is calculated. Often, pre-tax deductions result in less taxes being calculated. Here are some of the general pay stub abbreviations that you will run into on any pay stub.

Are Pay Stubs Required?

In some jurisdictions, this can include ensuring that paystubs are accurately generated. Pay stubs show the total amounts an employee has earned, amounts deducted from those earnings, and the remaining take-home pay after deductions. Separate columns show figures for the current pay period and year to date. "YTD" is short for "Year-to-Date" and it is the total for a given figure since the beginning of the year. On your pay stub you are likely to see YTD summaries for gross pay, net pay, taxes, and other deductions.

Below, we break it down so it’s easier to understand when you start earning an income. When you get paid a physical check, you'll likely receive a physical pay sub detailing your pay information. Otherwise, you can obtain an electronic copy should you be paid via direct deposit.

You’re in charge of keeping up with changing tax laws, correctly classifying workers, and recordkeeping for compliance. Understanding information on a pay stub can help solve issues for you and your business. You should know how to create and decipher an employee pay stub.

pay stubs meaning

Your pay stub should always show any period when employees were paid while taking time off. This is important for both employers and employees in case there is a dispute with the payment amount. These real pay stubs provide information that can be verified by potential creditors, making the process of buying a home, car, or applying for a loan quick and simple.

How Are Pay Stubs Created?

Payroll taxes and other deductions (we’ll get to those later) reduce the employee’s earnings. The pay stub itemizes taxes so that employees can see all the tax amounts withheld from their gross Navigating Financial Growth: Leveraging Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for Startups pay. Gross wages are how much money you owe an employee before you take out any taxes and deductions. If an employee has any nontaxable income, you must also include it under gross wages.

pay stubs meaning

If you are enrolled in one of these programs, your contributions to your account will also show up on your paycheck. It’s also not uncommon for government agencies or nonprofit organizations to request copies of your pay stubs if you apply for financial assistance, like student loans, for example. Your pay stubs may also be requested if you are moving into a new house or renting. Landlords and financial lenders may use your pay stubs to verify your income to be sure you can afford the rent or mortgage. They may also be applicable when seeking other types of loans such as car loans. Business owners that customize their pay stubs using online tools, annotation, and itemization have an even easier time orienting new staff to their pay stubs.

Similarly, in access/print states, employers provide one or the other. The only difference is that employers who receive electronic stubs must have an easy way to access them, namely by printing them. Some require that employees have access to pay stubs, while others require that the pay stub be printed and handed to the employee. At the moment, Hawaii is the only state that requires an employee’s consent before implementing an electronic paperless pay system. For many people, pay stubs are one of the most common ways of providing proof of income and employment.

  • Remember, pay stubs are either printed or emailed to employees, so it’s up to you to choose which method of distribution is best for your workplace.
  • Although it includes a lot of information and might be overwhelming at first glance, it’s not as complicated as it looks.
  • For hourly workers, multiply the employee’s hourly pay rate by the number of hours worked in the pay period.
  • It’s possible to do it that way if you only have a few employees, but it’s complicated and time-consuming.
  • Accordingly, the information provided should not be relied upon as a substitute for independent research.

It’s possible to do it that way if you only have a few employees, but it’s complicated and time-consuming. Payroll software is a much better option for small businesses and becomes essential as they grow. Issuing paychecks and pay stubs is quicker and easier once the data is entered for each employee.

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