How to Buy and Sell NFTs: The Ultimate Guide

how to invest in nfts

You'll next need to buy the cryptocurrency to get the NFT. Most NFTs are purchased with Ethereum, though there are some exceptions. You can buy Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies at a specialized crypto brokerage or exchange such as Coinbase (COIN), Robinhood (HOOD), Gemini, Binance.US or Kraken.

It’s unclear whether or not digital art will appreciate any more than a meme or GIF will. Even if you own an NFT, understand that people can still view or copy the digital asset. Anything that’s on the internet can be easily duplicated. If you own a digital photo, for instance, someone else online can still download or screenshot it if it’s posted somewhere on the internet. A non-fungible asset is an asset that is unique or one-of-a-kind. Because it’s one-of-a-kind, it can’t be exchanged for an asset of equal value, and it has no recognized market price.

Where to Buy NFTs

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Since not every digital wallet is compatible with every cryptocurrency, you need a digital wallet that is compatible with the cryptocurrency required to purchase your chosen NFT. Once you've made your selection, you'll also need a place to store your NFT. Simple options include Coinbase Wallet and MetaMask, and other cryptocurrency exchanges offer wallet features included with an account to trade cryptocurrencies. Barely a decade old, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are only just beginning to find real-world use. As one popular way to utilize them, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have quickly commanded a great deal of attention -- especially among artists, art collectors, and speculators. NFTs can also be used to acquire voting rights in a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO, that is governed using blockchain technology.

how to invest in nfts

Some marketplaces accept payment in fiat currencies such as U.S. dollars, but in other cases, you can’t use cash or credit cards to pay directly for an NFT. Prices are often set in the cryptocurrency used by the network on which the NFTs are registered. If a creator minted your NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, for example, you’d use Ether (ETH), the native token on the Ethereum network, to pay for it. If the blockchain is Solana, you’d use Solana (SOL), the native token on the Solana network.

How to create NFTs

On any platform, though, you’ll need a crypto wallet to get started buying NFTs. When minting NFTs, users might also want to look at gas fees for the network. The first known NFT, “Quantum,” was a video clip dubbed a monetized graphic. When it was created in May 2014, it eventually sold for $4.

You can use your bank account, credit cards, or debit cards at more reputable (and regulated) exchanges, such as Coinbase, Binance.US, and Gemini, to buy your crypto. Deposit funds in your exchange account with fiat and buy the crypto you need. Transfer the crypto to the wallet address you’ve connected to your NFT account. It's a promising new front in the world of technology, but risks abound when investing in any movement's nascent stage.

  1. Part of the allure of NFTs comes from creators -- artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers, and the like -- who can guarantee the authenticity of their work and monetize it as NFTs.
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  3. The key distinction between a centralized and decentralized marketplace is that a centralized one will set certain constraints on what you can do.
  4. Many investors portfolios around reliable low-risk and medium-risk investments that are safe and pay steady dividends.
  5. For example, NBA Top Shot is owned by the National Basketball Association and sells clips of player performances as NFTs.
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Ensure you have enough cryptocurrency to cover the NFT price and gas fees. Insufficient funds will lead to failed transactions and cost you the chance to purchase the NFT you wanted. You need to set up an account on an NFT marketplace to mint, buy, or sell any NFT. After selecting your preferred NFT marketplace, register and open an account.

It’s important to remember when you buy an NFT that “you’re buying a token ID to where that token is actually stored,” Georgiades says. Once an NFT is minted, the user typically has free reign. Users can list the NFT for sale on the marketplace of their choice, trade it to somebody else or give it away for free.

The dominant network used for NFTs is Ethereum, though others including Solana and Cardano are also commonly used. Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This influences which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. Here is a list of our partners and here's how we make money. Each blockchain that supports NFT projects has its unique advantages and disadvantages, though. “The concept of fungible versus non-fungible has been in our lives for centuries,” says Merav Ozair, blockchain expert and fintech professor at Rutgers Business School.

Where to buy an NFT

Then, connect a crypto wallet to your account to store crypto for payment purposes. When the NFT is purchased, it is stored in a crypto wallet on the same blockchain, on a different blockchain, or in decentralized storage. Because the NFT is digital, you can only display it on a screen, often as part of a website.

Online shops allow users to search for NFTs based on the kind of art, the creator, the price and other filters. If you’re interested in buying one that has more cachet, look at famous collections such as CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club. Highly publicized examples of NFTs have been in visual art, especially videos and still images. Some owners use their NFTs as social media profile pictures, place them in online galleries or even use them as video conferencing backgrounds. It’s important to know that you don’t own exclusive rights to the content, as you would if you owned the rights to a book, for example.

NFTs can be attached to some unique in-game items such as weapons, outfits or special characters. NFTs could potentially make the sales of such items easier to execute and less dependent on central authorities such as the makers of games. Virtual land, which is space in the metaverse, can also be sold as an NFT. But after many multimillion-dollar purchases in 2021 and throughout 2022, the value of virtual land has reportedly declined by more than 66%. According to data from CryptoSlam, the average price among the $647 million in NFT sales in July 2022 was $115.15.

Nothing provided shall constitute financial, tax, legal, or accounting advice or individually tailored investment advice. Fees may be a flat fee per trade or a percentage of the 30-day trading volume of an account. Review fees based on the transaction sizes you plan on conducting to get an estimate of what you'll be spending. When looking at the upcoming NFTs, note when the sale is, what the cryptocurrency requirements are, and how many of the NFT are being sold. This helps you better understand the scarcity behind the one you are choosing. You'll want to choose an NFT that you feel has an upside value potential.

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